Chiang Mai Highlights: Wawee Coffee and Tita Gallery

Along one of the roads that takes you to Mae Rim just outside Chiang Mai you'll find a fabulous Cafe/Gallery set next to a bamboo grove. Wawee Coffee now has outlets all over Chiang Mai, but from the ones I've been to, this one definitely has the best atmosphere. The cafe itself is two levels with indoor and outdoor seating, a high roof with a beautiful silk lamp, art adorning the walls and uber-cosy seating. The coffee is really good and they have delicious cake options, too. Both come served in gorgeous designer ceramicware. The afternoon we were there it was raining so the photos I took weren't the best... still hopefully it gives you an idea of what you can expect.

Tita Gallery next door showcases Thai artists both modern and traditional. They also have a beautiful selection of ceramics, glassware and textiles for sale.

Tita Gallery
68 Moo 6, Mae Rim-Samoeng Old Road
Mai Raem 50180 Thailand
+66 53 29 8373