Daily Inspiration

in.spi.ra.tion (n) 1. the stimulus to do creative work 2. a person or thing that inspires somebody 3. creativeness 4. a good idea 5. supposed divine influence -- in.spi.ra.tion.al (adj)

In the sidebar somewhere near the bottom you'll find a section called DAILY INSPIRATION. It's a feed from my tumblelog which is where I store little bits of inspiration I find on other blogs, usually in the form of quotes or pictures. Here are a few of the places I'm regularly inspired by:

Sparkletopia (especially the 8:00 AM Wisdom - great quotes!)

Jen Lemen (she's just come back from a super inspiring trip to Rwanda)

Creative Thursday (lots of color and cuteness!)

Gypsy Girl's Guide (inspiring photos and great poetry)

Chronicles of Me (beautiful photos and beautiful posts)

I hope you like them as much as I do!